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Pedal power - Julie Jones is cycling 200 miles to raise money for the Trust

Our very own Julie Jones, head of patient safety, is cycling 200 miles from London to Paris in 4 days!

Julie and her team aim to support staff to improve the quality and safety of care for our patients. They support staff in assessing where they can improve patient care.

Julie explains “Sometimes we change practices and improve our processes. We see what we can do as a team to provide support and expertise to staff and this can be clinical or non-clinical, to help them come up with their own solutions”.

She says “I was inspired by Sinead Henson, dementia lead who encouraged 5 people to do a parachute jump and raise money for BCHC charity for patients with dementia. Hearing her story moved me to decide that I wanted to do something as well for our patients.”

Julie is determined to finish the journey in 4 days. She leaves London on June 28; crosses the channel from Newhaven to Dieppe, and is aiming to finish in Paris on 1 July. She is aiming to raise at least £500 for the trust charity.

“I wanted to do something that was a personal challenge and would also raise money for something I am passionate about. I have worked at BCHC for 8 years and have seen where the money raised goes to worthwhile causes. I would love to contribute towards purchasing products that help towards delivering better, safer patient care. I want to make a difference for people using the services”.

Julie has been preparing for the journey for the past year, including a weekend practice of 100 miles in the month leading up to the event.

Support Julie and follow her journey on the JustGiving page (

Julie Jones