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Trust joins national physio research trials

Birmingham Community Healthcare has been selected as one of a handful of Trusts in the region to take part in two national research trials, which aim to improve physiotherapy outcomes for people with back and shoulder pain.

The Trust is partnering with the University of Oxford to take part in two research studies – one which will focus on older people with spinal trouble, the other on shoulder pain.

The ‘Better outcomes for older people with spinal trouble’ (BOOST) study is aimed at improving outcomes for people aged 65 or over who experience lower back and leg pain due to a condition called lumbar spinal stenosis.

A second study, ‘Getting it right: addressing shoulder pain’ (GRASP), will focus on people who have developed shoulder pain, which has recently been diagnosed as a rotator cuff problem.

BCHC advanced physiotherapist Jonathan Price is leading the studies for trust, with the support of the Trust’s research and innovation team.

He said: “The aim of both of these studies is to look at the best ways of treating particular spinal and shoulder problems so that we can improve our clinical practice and, in turn, improve the care we give our patients.”

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