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Rehab sister Lisa is Pride of Nursing

Rehabilitation ward sister Lisa Miles has received a Birmingham Mail Pride of Nursing award after being nominated by a grateful admirer of her dedication to caring.

The nominator said that Lisa, a sister in the inpatient neurological rehabilitation ward at Moseley Hall Hospital, deserved recognition for her “very high level of professionalism and duty of care to the citizens of Birmingham whom have suffered severe brain injury,” even while going through an tough time personally

“The nature and the severity of the injuries of the patients Lisa nurses can often mean people can be violent, aggressive and unpredictable following their brain trauma, when beforehand they have never displayed such character traits,” said the nomination.

Sister Lisa Miles receives her Birmingham Mail Pride of Nursing Award at Moseley Hall Hospital with rehabilitation services colleagues.

“Being verbally or sometimes physically assaulted can be a hazard of the job that is incredibly sad and difficult to deal with as the patients are themselves injured and not 'themselves' when acting in this way.

“Therefore every nurse on the ward has to have a strong character and I believe Lisa is a key member of this team, who, despite the serious nature of their jobs, still enjoy their work and find time to have fun and laugh together.”

The nominator said that Lisa’s expertise in tracheotomy care has proved invaluable and potentially life-saving on several occasions when patients have been choking

“I believe Lisa Miles is an incredibly strong woman who, despite receiving so many knocks personally in life, still gets up every day to care and support the people in her community,” said the anonymous admirer.

“She is selfless and modest about her work, but typifies the kind of people this city and country need, to instil hope and positivity for the future.

“This award would mean so much to Lisa and give her back the confidence in community spirit she has come to lose following the past years events. I know I would struggle to find the strength to continue after the year she has just lived through but she has an inner strength I truly admire.”

BCHC rehabilitation services clinical director Imad Soryal said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Lisa has had this recognition. She is a great example of a caring professional and she should be very proud.”