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Grateful family donate to rehab centre

Ronald Peart's daughter and family visited the rehab centre in Selly Oak to personally present the funds donated by mourners at his funeral.
(left to right) John, Terasa and Niall Cahill with Sharon Osborne, John Bobash, and Tracy Buckton-Brown from West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre.

Mourners donated a total of £625 to West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre at the funeral of a Birmingham man cared for by the team at the unit.

The grateful family of Ronald Peart had decided to hold a collection in aid of the centre in lieu of floral tributes following his death in April, aged 72.

Ronald’s daughter Terasa Cahill, accompanied by her husband John and nine-year-old son Niall, presented a cheque to members of the multidisciplinary team who cared for her father.

The former nurse said: “Dad valued the support and engagement of the rehab team so much – there was real trust and rapport in the relationship between patient and carers.

“I know he would have supported the idea of giving something back in recognition and we were absolutely overwhelmed and delighted that people were so generous.”

Senior prosthetist John Bobash said: “Ronald was a true gentleman; it was a real pleasure to be part of the team providing his care and support.

“On behalf of all the prosthetists, physios, nurses and everyone else involved, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to Ron’s family for this wonderful gesture, which will go directly towards clinical care and treatment for many people.”

A former miner, Ronald had attended community-based rehabilitation clinics in his former home town of Nuneaton since his left leg was amputated eight years ago to prevent any worsening of his health due to the combined effects of diabetes and vascular disease.

More recently, after moving to Staffordshire, the grandfather of seven, originally from Shard End, attended the rehab centre in Selly Oak every few months.