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Child’s play rehab dream appeal launch

West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre has launched an £8,000 charity appeal to create a therapeutic playground to help children with prosthetic lower limbs improve their mobility.

BCHC has already provided funding for a multi-level walkway and running track to help people who use prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs improve confidence and mobility on a range of surfaces.

Now, the team wants to go several steps further by raising enough money to include a specially designed playground to aid the rehabilitation of their younger patients through play and physical activity.

Anupurba Saha

Patient/parent therapy lead Sue Barlow (pictured, below) said: “The amputee rehabilitation team are particularly excited at the prospect of having a children’s play area as part of this project.

“We regularly see around 70 children who have lower limb amputations and wear a prosthesis.

“It is essential that they can learn to walk on all surfaces, negotiate steps, slopes and cambers. They also need the opportunity to learn to run and climb.

“The new play area will provide an environment where they can do the same things all children do, such as climb the steps of a slide and walk on soft play area surfaces. Many of our children have had running blades thanks to Government funding released last year.

“The running track will provide a safe place to practice and hopefully see them develop techniques and get quicker!

“The children are an inspiration and the play area will be the icing on the cake for the walkway project.”

Lois Gregory and rehab team.

BCHC Charity manager Sarah Binks added: “Play is such a key part of childhood and development and we want the children who access the rehab services to experience this too.

“Fundraising has already begun but we need support from the local community, individuals and businesses to help us raise the remaining £8,000 that is needed to make this a dream into a reality.”

The project has been backed by the family of eight-year-old Anupurba Saha (pictured, above) who became a social media sensation in 2017 after film of her proudly unveiling  her new ‘blade’ prosthesis to schoolfriends was shared millions of times online.

Dad Anirban Saha said: ““As a family, we have very personal experience of the quality of care provided at West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre.

“Anu has attended for several years for assessment, treatment and support with her prosthetics and I can honestly say the welcome is so warm and the team so caring that it almost feels like one big family.

“This project to create an outdoor therapy area is another example of that commitment to maximising people’s rehabilitation potential. 

"The team may be a little restricted by the available space for the range and scale of treatments they provide, but there is no limit to the lengths they will go to to provide the very best care and support.

“So we are very pleased to pledge support for this fundraising campaign and I know Anu is looking forward to it opening so she can try out the play equipment!”

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