Better Care

 Changes to respite and end-of-life care

Changes are underway within the Trust to improve the respite and end-of-life care services provided to adults across the city. 

The Trust has decided to relocate the respite and end-of-life services currently provided at the Sheldon Unit in Northfield to other BCHC sites.

To improve accessibility for families and carers using this service, the respite services will be delivered from three different locations across the city from April

These sites are:

Willow House (at West Heath Hospital)

Perry Tree Intermediate Care Centre

Ann Marie Howes Intermediate Care Centre

Later in the year, the end-of -life service currently provided at the Sheldon Unit will move to Ward 11 at West Heath Hospital and the Sheldon Unit will close. Work is currently underway to refurbish the ward, which is expected to be completed by the end of May.

Sheldon relocation project lead Tracey Phillips said: “We want to ensure that we can offer the best care in the best place. The team at the Sheldon Unit have an excellent reputation for providing personalised, compassionate care to families and carers in Birmingham but the building is no longer fit for purpose.

“Relocating the services mean that we can continue to deliver high quality and more accessible services in modern, fit-for-purpose buildings.

“We are working closely with families who use the respite service and other key stakeholders to inform them of these changes.”

The Sheldon Unit