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How builder Andrew lost four stones with the help of Birmingham Community Nutrition

Andrew Eadon - Birmingham Community Nutrition
Andrew Eadon lost four stones with the help of the specialist weight management team at Birmingham Community Nutrition.

Getting the right advice and support has been the secret to slimming success for Andrew Eadon, who is well on his way to achieving his target of losing a quarter of his bodyweight in six months.

With the help of Birmingham Community Nutrition's and the specialist weight management team, Andrew lost four stones in four months after committing to bringing his weight down from a peak of 24 stones.

Never a junk food eater, the self-employed builder says he had wanted to lose weight for two years but had difficulty finding the right expert advice until a new GP joined his practice. Now, after being referred for specialist help and support and thanks to some changes to his lifestyle and eating habits he has seen a big difference to his wellbeing.

“I’ve always had a fairly healthy diet and I’ve never been one for fast food or ready-made supermarket meals,” says the 47-year-old, of Four Oaks.

“I usually cook my own dinner when I get home after a working day that is often long, non-stop and nearly always physically demanding. And that was the problem – I’d be starting a meal late in the evening, starving hungry because I had missed a meal during the day.

“With the help of the specialist weight management team and the dietitian, I’ve followed a managed weight loss plan, keeping a diary of what I’m eating and reviewing it with them.

Andrew explains that the expert help has been supplemented by some simple changes to his own lifestyle – swimming for an hour every morning and eating earlier and more regularly.

 “It was really getting me down,” he admits.

“I was diagnosed as ‘clinically obese’ but, after carrying out a number of tests, which all came back clear, they said I was basically healthy. But I was determined to lose weight so I asked for a referral to a specialist dietitian and I was referred to the specialist weight clinic.

“If you’re motivated and you have the right support, it’s amazing what a difference some simple lifestyle changes can make.”

Andrew  Eadon_Birmingham Community Nutrition

Laura Hayden, specialist weight management dietitian at Birmingham Community Nutrition said:

“Andrew has made fantastic progress during his time with the specialist weight management team.

"The main changes Andrew made were to begin and maintain a regular eating pattern with reduced portion sizes, which helped prevent over-eating later in the day; he also significantly increasing his activity levels. Andrew is an excellent example of how small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.”

Specialist weight management is one of the many dietitian-led services offered by Birmingham Community Nutrition to all patients of Birmingham GPs.

Click here for further information about the services offered by Birmingham Community Nutrition and how to access them.You can also call the service on 0121 465 2785 or ask your GP for details.

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