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Look who's talking! Children's speech and language therapy video launched

Hannah Anderson, a teaching assistant with the communication team at Wilson Stuart School in Erdington, working with pupil Alex Greenhough.

A new video has been launched as part of the support offered to parents and carers of children and young people receiving speech and language therapy in special schools.

The 30-minute film, commissioned by BCHC’s children and families division, features teachers, parents and pupils from six of the 21 special schools in which the Trust provides speech and language therapy.

Divided into chapters, the video covers key areas of concern or interest to families of children receiving therapy, including assessment, treatment of eating and/or drinking disorders, and how special schools and therapists work together to treat and support the child.

Sarah Tomlinson, children and families division head of inclusion services, said: “Most speech and language therapists working in Birmingham’s special schools are employed by BCHC. The work they do is hugely important to enable children to participate successfully in their education and interact socially with others.

“The need for speech and language therapy will vary across time for each pupil. Some children may only need therapy for a short time, while others may continue to need support for many years.

"The SLTs work collaboratively with teaching staff to deliver that individual assessment, therapy and education as required.

“The idea for the video came from the SLTs themselves who really felt there was more that could be offered to explain the treatment, its benefits and how it is delivered.

“We’re very pleased with the end product. It was a real collaboration and we’re confident it will be well received by the teachers and families we work with.”