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Trip to pub serves up stroke survival boost

A new ‘stroke survivors’ group at Moseley Hall Hospital’s outpatient brain injury service have designed a leaflet to help communicate their needs in everyday public situations – with a little bit of help from staff at the local pub!

The leaflet explains how people they meet in everyday situations such as in shops and pubs or on buses and trains can help them overcome post-stroke communication challenges.

On a confidence-building escorted visit to the neighbouring Village pub, the group took the opportunity to test out an early version of the leaflet with bar staff – a trip that marked the beginning of a productive partnership.

Speech and language therapist Leona Bramble said: “The idea was for the group to produce something as a therapeutic exercise. Then, if the material they come up with could benefit their community, everyone wins.

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stroke survivors at the Village.

“We popped up to the Village as part of our work to help rebuild the group’s confidence in ordering and buying things in public and they all enjoyed the experience and found it beneficial therapeutically.

“The communication issues that people experience following a stroke can cause a very debilitating loss of confidence which, in turn, makes them inclined to avoid social situations and at risk of becoming isolated and lonely. Therefore, the group should be very proud”.

The Birmingham Community Healthcare Charity enabled the group to get the leaflet professionally designed and printed. Now, the kind-hearted team at the Village has agreed to place a collection tin on the bar alongside the leaflet dispenser to help raise funds for further projects.

Assistant manager Jo Gray said: “It’s been a real pleasure to help – we’re a community pub next door to a community hospital so we’re delighted to be building this friendship with our neighbours.

“Customer service is obviously at the heart of what we do – and so we’re very appreciative of the Moor Green group raising our awareness of how we can make sure people who have experienced a stroke get full enjoyment from a visit to their local pub.”