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Tai chi film offers therapy boost at home

With the support of BCHC Charity, a film of tai chi sessions at our neuro-rehab outpatient unit have been produced to enable patients to not only practice at home in between sessions but also continue long after they no longer attend the clinic.

Occupational therapy technical instructor Neil Brooks has offered tai chi sessions as part of the rehabilitation programme at the Moor Green centre, Moseley Hall Hospital  for more than seven years.

Neil said: "The benefits for patients with a brain injury conducting regular tai chi sessions include improved wellbeing and self-esteem, as well as physical benefits such as improved balance, posture, strength and endurance, all of which have a positive effect on mobility’’. 

The session are provided in addition to a weekly timetable of other therapeutic group activities for people with acquired brain injury, including managing emotions, fatigue management, cognitive strategies and vocational options.

Physiotherapist Tracey Turner-Smith added: "Thanks to kind donations and fundraising for Moor Green we have been able to access charitable funds to film Neil’s tai chi session and provide patients with a DVD copy and online version of the session.

"This will enable patients to not only practice the tai chi at home in between sessions but also continue long after leaving Moor Green’’

"The DVD and online version will be available to patients in the coming month; we will be assessing the outcomes closely, gaining feedback from patients and staff to monitor its effectiveness’."

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Neil Brooks