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Staff get the VIP treatment

Dedicated staff have been recognised for their commitment to patient care at the Trust's Values in Practice (VIP) awards.

From 94 nominations, 8 teams and 13 individuals were shortlisted and invited to attend the Trust's bi-annual staff awards ceremony, which took place at Aston Villa Football Club.

The event was opened by Trust chairman and lead for the Values in Practice awards, Tom Storrow, who called the awards an 'inspiring' event. He said: "the awards is more than an acknowledgement of how hard people work – it’s an opportunity to take a step back, reflect on performance, share best practice and celebrate each other’s achievements."

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Guests also heard from chief executive Tracy Taylor and from guest speaker Sas Freeman - a stroke survivor, author, artist and mentor who spoke about the challenges of life after a stroke. She praised the 'life-saving' Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) service provided by Birmingham Community Healthcare, for helping her to walk without a 'dropped foot', a symptom that can occur following a stroke. 

A list of all winners and finalists can be found below and a photo gallery from the evening can be found on Flickr.

Accessible category:

Awarded to the individual or team that can demonstrate a change in a way of working that has improved accessibility for service users.


Kelly Bent,Dental Nurse 


Vandana Gill, Senior Dental Officer


Alan Orchard, Rehabilitation Engineer 

Specialist Services Governance Team

Quality category: 

Awarded to the individual or team that can demonstrate quality outcomes in service delivery. 


Inpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (Ward 9), Moseley Hall Hospital 


Famida Kowsar, Community Nursery Nurse


Shellie Parry, Community Clerical Officer 

Partnership category:

Awarded to the individual or team that has worked in partnership with teams, departments or services for the greater good of the organisation.


The Bid Team for Birmingham School Health Advisory Service


Joanne Fox, School Health Support Worker


The Care Home Support Team 

Responsive category:

Awarded to the individual or team that can demonstrate an improvement in service user experience of our organisation through listening to their views and responding positively.


Family Nurse Partnership 


Karen Tranter and the Risk Management Team 

Ethical category:

Awarded to an individual or team that shows dignity and respect to colleagues or patients. This person stands out for their ability to make morally sound, fair and honest decisions, openly explaining them to staff or patients. This person or team has shown that they can adapt their approach, tailoring it to the individual.


Lindsey Santoro, Personal Assistant


Sally Kent, Senior Dental Officer 


Richard Husselbee, Clinical Lead Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Caring category:

Awarded to an individual or team that can demonstrate that through a caring and respectful approach they put the end user at the heart of everything they do.


Jessica Horabin, Community Staff Nurse


Ruth Mazhande, School Health Staff Nurse


Maureen Kemp, Health Visitor

Commitment category:

Awarded to the individual or team that can demonstrate an unswerving passion to drive forward improvements for service users.


Wendy Lanham, Nutrition Specialist Nurse


Intravenous Therapy Team 


The Communications Team

The next Values in Practice Awards will take place in October. If you'd like to nominate someone for the Values in Practice awards visit the VIP awards webpage.