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BCHC adopts national patient safety standard

Following highly effective work to reduce falls in inpatient areas, the adults and specialist rehabilitation division aims to improve patient safety even further with the implementation of the new national falls prevention CQUIN standards.  

From July, all of our inpatients will have assessment:

  • for a lying and standing blood pressure 
  • a mobility assessment within 24 hours of admission (where possible)
  • falls risk medications reviewed.

The standards will be captured through an updated falls multifactorial risk assessment booklet. 

falls prevention CQUIN - standing blood pressure check

Specialist occupational therapist Selina Wilson said: “Falls remain a significant risk for our patients. All falls, even those that do not result in injury, can cause patients and their family to feel anxious and distressed.

"Falls can affect patients’ physical function, resulting in reduced mobility, and undermining their confidence and independence.

"There are many factors that can cause patients to fall, including reasons related to their medical condition, mobility, medication, and environment”.

“We are excited to embrace this national initiative to improve the quality of our inpatient falls prevention and support we offer to our patients."