Better Care

Letters to loved ones

At the present time, visiting of people in hospital is not allowed, due to the risk of spread of COVID-19 infection.

It is important to us that you can keep in contact with your loved one. We therefore encourage patients to have their own mobile device with them, and you are welcome to use this at any time to send messages, emails and/or talk to them personally.

If you are unable to do this, and would like to send a personal message or letter by email to your loved one, please email your message/letter together with the patient’s name, date of birth (if known) or address, and the ward they are staying on, and any specific requirements such as large print to:

Nurse and patient

When we receive your message or letter, we will print this and pass to your loved one and, where appropriate, we will assist by reading it to them.

Each ward/intermediate care centre also has an iPad, which your loved one can use to contact you using FaceTime or Skype.  This can be arranged by asking the ward to facilitate this.

We hope you will understand that there are times when direct patient care must take priority over these other important requests, but the ward team are committed to keeping you in touch with your loved one.

Contact details for each of the wards can be found on the other side of this page.

If you have any queries or concerns and wish to discuss this with the advice and liaison service, please call 0800 917 2855 or email


Ward / Unit


Telephone number

Ward 4 Moseley Hall Hospital

0121 466 6650


Ward 5 Moseley Hall Hospital

0121 466 6300


Ward 6 Moseley Hall Hospital

0121 466 6660


Ward 7 Moseley Hall Hospital

0121 466 6680


Ward 8 Moseley Hall Hospital

0121 466 6570

0121 466 6583

0121 466 6582


Ward 9 Moseley Hall Hospital

0121 466 6590


Ward 27 Good Hope Hospital

0121 424 9502


Perry Tree Centre

0121 675 5598


Ann Marie Howes Centre

0121 675 2030

0121 675 2047

0121 675 2049


Sheldon Unit West Heath Hospital

0121 466 6953


Ward 12 West Heath Hospital

0121 466 4130


Willow House at West Heath Hospital

0121 466 4060


Ward 14 West Heath Hospital

0121 466 4124