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BCHC Charity Fundraising Appeals

Donations received by BCHC Charity can be allocated specifically to particular projects to provide those all-important 'extras', over and above normal care provision.

The charity works with clinical teams, service users, patients and families to find imaginative ways to improve the experience of receiving healthcare.

All donations are used for the benefit of a specific group of patients and service users - in accordance with whatever the wishes of those donating might be.

This page lists current fundraising projects for particular charitable initiatives - and information about how you can add your support.

COVID-19 Appeal

Our colleagues are going above and beyond to care for patients and services users and we want to ensure we can support them to have everything they need to do so.  We are also ensuring that patients and service users are provided with ethe extras they need to support their wellbeing whilst in BCHC Care during this challenging time. If you would like to find out more or make a donation, visit our JustGiving appeal page.

The Play Appeal

We're raising funds to provide toys and play items for clinics and other BCHC healthcare settings where children are assessed to help reduce anxiety and enhance patient care through play. Click here to find out more or make a donation.

The End of Life Appeal

Supporting this appeal will help BCHC Charity provide extras to patients accessing our palliative care services, helping families and carers collect treasured memories and keepsakes to bring peace during a difficult time. Click here to find out more or make a donation.

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