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A Blooming Good Idea

Garden and recreational areas across the Trust have been spruced up with flowers, plants and furniture to help provide peaceful and beautiful spaces for both patients and staff, thanks to donations to BCHC Charity.

MHH Garden

Over the last 12 months, BCHC Charity have recognised the importance of utilising outdoor areas as a means for patients and staff to relax, get fresh air, and take some time for themselves. Spending time in green spaces and getting some sunlight can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and encourage relaxation, which is more important than ever for healthcare staff and their patients and service users.

Colleagues & patients at Moseley Hall Hospital have been getting green-fingered, helping to ensure that the charity funded flowers and shrubs are planted to help provide a serene space for anyone visiting the gardens. Jane Grimshaw, Team Lead for the Brain Injury Specialist Clinic, says: “Thank you so much for the plants for the Moor Green garden which is enjoyed by staff and clients and is overlooked by Ward 9. The planting that was done in the autumn is now flowering beautifully as clients and more staff return to the building. Daffodils, tulips, pansies and hellebores give a warm welcome to those who come to the unit.”

Floss Beckett, Interim Deputy Director for Learning Disability Services, contacted the Charity Team to access funding for a gazebo and garden furniture for the garden at The Greenfields LD base. “We approached the charity to buy outside furniture as it allows staff to have breaks outside on a nice day”, she says. “Also, it means more staff can have time together as they can socially distance, whereas indoors there is only room for 2 at the most in any room.” The gazebo also means that when the weather isn’t quite so good, staff can still go out for fresh air and to relax during their breaks. 

The COVID Swabbing Team based at St Stephen’s Centre have also benefitted from some outdoor furniture, with a large picnic table and double-seated lounger allowing staff to spend their breaks outside. Shannie Jennings, 

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If you have any queries about charitable funds or would like more information about supporting the charity or fundraising, please contact:

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Nineveh House Benches
Staff at St Stephen's Centre enjoying their new garden furniture
Greenfields Gazebo

General Manager at the centre, shares how the outdoor seating has made a difference: “The outside chairs and benches are such a breath of fresh air. The staff have been able to enjoy their lunch as well as their well-earned breaks whilst supporting the COVID Response Team. The whole staff have worked non-stop around the clock in varied roles supporting the swabbing and vaccinating process, so to be able to have 5 minutes outside in the fresh air to de-load and de-stress from the stressful environments we have been in, has been rejuvenating. We cannot thank the charitable funds department and those who have made this happen enough. It is gestures like this that have helped the staff push on and provide high standards of quality care during these hard times for us all and helped continue through the pandemic.”

Plans are also underway to create a raised flowerbed in the main garden at Moseley Hall, so that patients from the Ward 7 Stroke Rehabilitation Unit creative group are able to more easily access the bed to plant their seeds and tend to their gardens as part of their rehabilitation. A new shed, greenhouse, and planting tools have already been provided so that the therapy group can get cracking on beautifying the space as soon as the flowerbed is raised.

As the weather starts to improve, outdoor areas offer a wonderful respite from the pressures or anxieties of working or accessing healthcare and the Charity Team are very proud to be able to enhance these areas to make them more accessible, practical and beautiful for those utilising them.

If you’re enjoying the hot weather this week, please remember to keep yourself safe; ensure you stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and find shade during the hottest hours of the day.