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Coronavirus Support for BCHC Inpatients

Thanks to a £7,000 donation from the Government’s Coronavirus Community Support Fund distributed through the National Lottery, BCHC Charity has been able to provide patients with nightwear, leisurewear, discharge parcels containing non-perishable food & essential toiletries, and patient activity packs.  

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At the height of the pandemic in 2020, the NHS Trust established extra resources to support patients discharged from acute hospitals including those recovering from COVID-19. The funding enabled the purchase of additional sleepwear for patients as Matrons reported that due to the level of patient acuity, numerous changes of sleepwear per day were often required. Jenny Belza, one of BCHC’s Non-Executive Directors from a nursing background and the Chair of the Charitable Funds Committee had been redeployed to care specifically for COVID-positive patients and highlighted the issue. Jenny said; “The purchase of the nightwear meant that we could ensure all patients had a ready supply as it was difficult for many relatives to provide replacements on a regular basis”. 

Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received about the purchase of leisurewear which enables patients to move about freely on the wards if they are well enough to do so. This has a positive impact on their mental wellbeing and provides a level of home comfort whilst visitors are unable to bring in clothes. 

Given the difficult situation last summer accessing supermarkets, the donation also provided discharge parcels of non-perishable food and essential toiletries for patients. This enabled those living alone or who would be self-isolating to have breathing space whilst arranging ongoing support through family or the community.

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If you have any queries about charitable funds or would like more information about supporting the charity or fundraising, please contact:

Sarah Binks 
Charity Project Manager
Tel: 0121 466 7314

AP & CB Pyjamas
Anne Pemberton, Head of Patient Experience and Co-Ordinator Celia Byrne who helped to distribute the items across the wards
Winter Activity Pack Contents

Patient activity packs have been a valuable resource for patients. The packs contain a colouring book and pencils, notepad and pen, puzzle book, stress ball and a pack of playing cards, as patients are unable to use the previously shared facilities. Georgina Fellows, Trainee Ward Clerk on CU27 at Good Hope Hospital told us that; “I have spoken to patients themselves in addition to Matrons, Nurses and support staff about the activity packs. Everyone is grateful that the patients have received a pack to help them pass the time, especially when no visitors are allowed during this difficult period”. 

BCHC Charity Campaign Manager, Angela Corry stated that “This funding has enabled us to make a massive difference for our patients. Home comforts such as the leisurewear, toiletries and activities support patients’ wellbeing when under our care whilst no visitors are allowed on the wards.’’