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Winter Activities? We’ve Got Them in the Bag!

As part of BCHC Charity’s ongoing efforts to help reduce boredom, alleviate anxiety and keep patients minds active, we’ve rolled out winter activity bags to inpatient services across the city.

AP & CB Winter Activities

Being a patient in a hospital or care centre can be dull, however the past year has been a particularly difficult time for inpatients. COVID restrictions have meant that for the majority of the last year, patients have not been able to see their families and friends in person, or even mingle with other patients in day rooms or communal areas. These restrictions have also meant that BCHC Charity has had to re-think how to keep patients entertained, as our usual staple of live in-person entertainment has also had to be put on hold. Since March 2020, the Charity Team have ensured that wards across the Trust are well stocked with TVs, CD and DVD players, games, books and more, but as the time goes on we recognised that it is important to continue to provide new and different forms of entertainment whilst remaining COVID safe. 

In February, we created over 300 Winter Activity Packs which were delivered to our inpatient units. The packs were designed to be given to individual patients for them to keep, to return to as they like and take home with them as they are discharged. We included a winter themed colouring book and pencil pack as colouring is a relaxing pastime that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, a puzzle book to keep

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Winter Activity Pack Contents

minds active, a pack of playing cards for entertainment, a notepad and pen to encourage creativity, and more. The Charity has also funded daily deliveries of newspapers, as simple comforts such as this can help patients feel more at home by providing a sense of their usual daily routine.

Patients on the Community Unit at Good Hope Hospital reported that they were very grateful to receive the packs to “help pass the time by, especially as we are not able to have visitors during this difficult time”.