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NHS Charities Together Supports Team BCHC

BCHC Charity has been a member of the NHS Charities Together group (previously the Association of NHS Charities) for several years, and thanks to the overwhelming swell of public support over the last 18 months, we have been able to access funding to help us deliver a crisis response for patients, service users and staff across Birmingham. 

From patient discharge packs and staff pantries to Stay at Home kits for Learning Disabilities services, extra clothing to activities and entertainment; we’ve worked hard to ensure that the funding received from NHS Charities Together makes the maximum impact across the Trust.

RMC Wellness Library

Colleague health and wellbeing has been a large part of our focus during this challenging period, with the distribution of our winter wellbeing kits and the offer of further support where needed. The Team Lead at the Referral Management Centre contacted the Charity Team to support the set-up of a Wellbeing Hub for the staff working there. “COVID-19 has affected colleagues and services in many ways, and as a result we are looking at ways in which we can create an engaging work space environment which prioritises colleague wellbeing within RMC. Due to service capacity, the centre can sometimes be a pressurised environment. We wanted to set up a Wellbeing Hub to encourage good mental health practice.” The charity was happy to support this initiative, providing magazines and self-help books for the Wellness Library, as well as stress balls and colouring supplies to help promote mindful, relaxing activities during breaks. Sarah Binks, Charity Manager, even donated some yoga mats for use at the hub!

Thanks to the incredible grants received from NHS Charities Together, further staff health and wellbeing projects and initiatives will be undertaken over the coming year. Virtual Schwartz Rounds have now been funded to provide a multidisciplinary forum for colleagues to come together to discuss and reflect on the emotional and social challenges associated with working in healthcare. The Rounds provide a confidential space for sharing experiences and reflecting on recent achievements and challenges. 

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If you have any queries about charitable funds or would like more information about supporting the charity or fundraising, please contact:

Charity Team Email:
Tel: 0121 466 7314

Schwartz Rounds
WHH Sofa

We have also recently launched our Safe Spaces scheme, which aims to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure that colleagues have relaxing areas to decompress during breaks or even after shifts. So far, we have provided new sofas to staff areas at West Heath Hospital and funded picnic benches to bases across the city, and our aim is to continue these sorts of upgrades to staffrooms and gardens throughout the year.

The Charity Team is also working closely with the Organisational Development Team to enhance the Trust health and wellbeing offerings over the next 12 months.