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Schwartz Rounds Offer Support for Team BCHC

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing wellbeing support to Birmingham Community Healthcare (BCHC) staff, BCHC Charity have funded a years’ license to provide Schwartz Rounds™ sessions to help colleagues decompress and share their experiences of working in healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schwartz Rounds

The pandemic has shown us how supporting the wellbeing of colleagues makes a real impact on the care provided to patients. Putting compassion at the heart of healthcare has never been so important, and being able to understand and reflect on the emotional aspects of their work is key for BCHC colleagues to improve their emotional wellbeing and help maintain a compassionate approach.

Schwartz Rounds™ are an evidence-based approach to having facilitated conversations with colleagues about the emotional impact of working in healthcare. Listening to colleagues describe the challenges of their work can help others to understand and accept the emotions that are part and parcel of working in healthcare but are often kept under the surface. During the groups, up to four colleagues (or panellists) share their stories to an audience, followed by trained facilitators leading an open discussion of thoughts and reflections on the stories. The nature of the stories can be on themes such as “A patient I’ll never forget” or “A day at work I will always remember”.

BCHC began utilising Schwartz Rounds™ just prior to the pandemic. At that time, 6 face to face conversations were held at Moseley Hall Hospital with over 150 colleagues attending these events. Panellists included clinical and corporate services colleagues and members of the Trust Executive Team. The feedback was universally positive, with comments such as; “peaceful - unlike anything else I've been to in this Trust” and “compassionate care essential to high quality care” During the pandemic, the sessions moved to an online forum, using either pre-recorded stories from colleagues or broadcasting two panellists and two facilitators from a large room to an audience via Teams. The virtual sessions have also received good feedback, such as; “supportive, helpful, emotional and caring” and being “a useful moment to pause and reflect.”

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Charity Schwartz Rounds
Assistant Psychologist Lauren Ross

Following the positive feedback from these initial meetings, Dr Sunny Kalsy-Lillico approached the charity to fund much-needed additional sessions to enhance colleague wellbeing. Thanks to recovery funding from NHS Charities Together, BCHC Charity was able to fund an additional year’s license to continue the programme and support colleagues when they need it most. “The panellists have shared stories about their experience of working through the pandemic, talking and listening about the emotional impact of working over a virtual platform and the other challenges and triumphs during this unprecedented time. The sessions are a time where colleagues are able to support each other to speak about how working in healthcare feels.” This reflective practice allows colleagues to appreciate the challenges and rewards that are central to providing care.

If you are a member of staff working in BCHC and would like to find out more about how Schwartz Rounds™ could support you and your team, please get in touch with our Organisational Development Team. All future Schwartz Rounds can be booked directly via Clinical Training.

If you would like more general information about Schwartz Rounds™, which are licensed by the Point of Care Foundation, please see their website: