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In Memory Fundraiser Provides Boost for Ward 7

Thanks to an in memory fundraiser, BCHC Charity have been able to provide Ward 7 (previously Ward 8) at Moseley Hall Hospital with ‘extras’ to enhance patient rehabilitation and care.

Ward 7 Calendar Clock
Large face calendar clocks on Ward 7

Jim Williams developed a rare spinal infection in January 2017 and, following 5 months at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, was transferred to the Rehabilitation Ward at Moseley Hall Hospital. His best friend, Rob Lawson, recounts his time at Moseley Hall; “Jim was still partially paralysed from the infection and could not even stand unaided. He was informed he might never walk again.” This news hit Jim hard, however he was determined to walk again. “He showed a strength of character and a determination that I had never seen in him before, however, I know that Jim would not have achieved his goal without the dedicated help and support from the team on Ward 8.”

Jim was at Moseley Hospital for over 3 months, during which time his physical and mental health improved greatly. “He really enjoyed having a chat and sharing a joke with both the other patients and with the staff. The staff were remarkable and really encouraged him to regain his strength and mobility. I remember Jim was chosen to try out a semi-robotic/hydraulic suit that he wore to help him walk again.” By September, extraordinarily yet still rather tentatively, Jim was able to walk again, and was discharged from the hospital. Sadly, he passed away quite suddenly after another stay in hospital on 10th May 2020.

Rob decided to set up a memorial fund for the ward to help raise funds for the benefit of patients and staff there. “Despite our great loss, I hope that some good can come from Jimmy’s passing and that the memorial fund to which his partner, Val, and his loving friends and family have contributed, can help others who I know will benefit from the help and support of the wonderful team at the Moseley Hospital Rehabilitation Ward.”

Thanks to the incredible kindness shown by Jim’s family and friends, BCHC Charity very gratefully received over £3,700 from the memorial fundraiser, which has now been spent to enhance care on the ward. 

The donations have helped provide 4 iPads with aphasia, dysphasia and number therapy apps to support therapeutic treatments and assessments. The iPads have also been used by the music therapy group on the ward. 

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Ward 7 iPads
Ward 7 Raised Flowerbed

Deborah Cooper, Highly Specialist Occupational Therapist on the ward, says; “The patients can choose any record they like to be played from the internet, which makes for a more meaningful group activity on the ward, where patients can relive memories associated with the music.”

5 large calendar wall clocks have been installed on the ward to help patients with significant cognitive impairments to orientate themselves to time, date and place. Deborah approached the charity to purchase the clocks to reduce anxiety and stress by providing a larger clock face to help people become oriented to the date. She says; “The clocks also help those with sensory deficits, such as visual difficulties, to be able to see the time more clearly.”

The remaining funds were used to make enhancements to the garden, including a raised flowerbed, storage, gardening tools and a greenhouse. These changes allow the creative therapy group to plant flowers as a relaxing activity, as well as a means to build up mobility and motor skills. Linda Wixey, Therapy Assistant, has worked with the patients to start planting in the bed; “The garden project has had a lot of work put in by patients; sowing seeds, watering daily and transplanting autumn vegetables into the new raised bed.” There are more flowers to be planted but Linda is confident that by the spring, their hard work will pay off and look fabulous. The work the therapy group do in the garden will also help to create a peaceful, beautiful space for both patients and staff to relax in and enjoy during warmer weather.

BCHC Charity would like to say a huge thank you to Rob Lawson and all the wonderful people who supported the in memory fundraiser, for choosing to remember Jim by making a difference on Ward 7.