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Staff Support for Winter Wellbeing

Thanks to funding from NHS Charities Together, BCHC Charity has been able to provide all sorts of items across the Trust to help patients, service users and BCHC staff throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Winter Wellbeing Zara
Zara Mahmood shows off her sudoku skills!
One of BCHC Charity’s larger projects with this funding has been to boost staff morale and wellbeing throughout the harsher winter months. We recognise that the longer the pandemic continues, the more difficult it is for many to cope with, especially during this darker, colder period. Whether staff are on the front lines, working in offices or from home behind the scenes to keep services running smoothly, or redeployed to a different role outside of their usual service; the Charity Team are so proud of Team BCHC’s response to this crisis and are incredibly happy to be able to provide items that encourage BCHC staff to take breaks, looks after themselves and relax.

Our Winter Wellbeing Staffroom Kits launched in February and contain an array of items to help colleagues boost their wellbeing. The kits include; lunch bags to encourage staff to take breaks and ensure they are well nourished, hand cream to help ease the dry skin caused by the cold winter weather and frequent hand washing, scented candles to help staff relax after a shift, eye masks to aid with sleep, and more! Zara Mahmood of the Inclusion Team in the Central Booking Service was very happy to receive a kit for the team. “They have given us a real boost in these dark times”, she said. “We all have different days in the office and it’s so uplifting to walk in and see these little things that can help, especially the activity book, as I love doing puzzles.” Thousands of staff across the city will be able to benefit from the kits as they are delivered to BCHC services throughout February and early March.

The kits were designed to help alleviate stress, improve wellbeing and boost morale, and we hope to be able to run a similar project during the summer months, too.

The Charity Team would like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt thanks to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who sadly passed away last week. Captain Sir Tom shone a much-needed light on the amazing work that NHS charities do to support patients, service users and staff across the country. He did more than anyone to raise vital funds and awareness for NHS Charities Together, and as a member of this organisation BCHC Charity has benefited from funding to help support Team BCHC with initiatives like these staffroom kits. His incredible efforts brought hope and light to our nation, and his legacy will be felt for years to come throughout the NHS. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time. Thank you, Captain Sir Tom.

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