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A-Z of services

Young Adults Specialist ClinicAims to address issues around transition into adult life, such as further education, employment, living independently and accessing services.
Wheelchair ServiceBirmingham District Wheelchair Services assess individuals' postural and mobility needs. Patients must live within the Birmingham area and be referred by their GP.
Vascular ServicesThe vascular services team in Birmingham operates an integrated approach to managing patients with one or more of the following long-term conditions:
Trauma and Orthopaedic UnitWard 7 Moseley Hall Hospital provides a specialist rehabilitation service for Older Adults who have had recent Orthopaedic surgery.
Transition from children's services to services for young people 'Transition' is the process of preparing, planning and moving from children's services to services designed for young people/adults, deciding which services are best for you and where you will receive that care and support. This section provides useful contacts and information to support...
Tissue Viability ServiceProvides diagnosis, prevention and management of patients with complex needs relating to pressure ulcers, lymphoedema and wounds.
Therapy ServicesCommunity therapy services operate as part of the integrated multidisciplinary teams and provide access to occupational therapists and physiotherapists for patients aged and over who require a therapy service at home.                   
Stroke servicePart of Adults and Community division the Stroke service is delivered in the community across Birmingham and in South Birmingham at Moseley Hall Hospital.
Stroke - Moor Green Aquired Brain Injury Service 
Speech and Language Therapy We provide Speech and Language therapy for both adults and children. Click the link and choose the most appropriate option according to your needs. 
Special School NursingSpecial School Nurses undertake a range of activities aimed at improving and maintaining the health of children and young people – often with complex health needs – to attend school, maximising opportunities, enabling each child or young person to reach their full potential.
Special Care Dentistry for professionalsConsultant-led service providing specialist care on referral for adults aged 16 and over with a severe disability, medical or mental health condition and over who fit the referral criteria.
Spasticity Specialist ClinicAssesses people with complex tone problems and co-ordinates appropriate management on an individual basis.
Single Point of Access (for adults)The single point of access helps professionals arrange the right care for urgent and non-urgent referrals, helping to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and effectively manage long-term conditions in the community.
Sickle Cell and ThalassaemiaProvides a range of information, advice and guidance for individuals with sickle cell and thalassaemia
Sheldon WardThe Sheldon Ward provides end of life palliative care for patients in Birmingham.
SENDThe Birmingham City Council responsibility for SEND is part of the Children with Complex Needs service within Education Services within Children?s Services as part of Birmingham City Council Directorate for People.?
School Health Support Service (Birmingham School Nurses)The school nurse service aims to help children benefit fully from their education by identifying any condition which may affect their ability to learn. It also has an important role in promoting the health and safety of school aged children.
Safeguarding Children in BirminghamBirmingham Community Healthcare's Safeguarding Children service.
Safeguarding AdultsProvides advice and support for staff engaged in caring for adults at risk.
Respite Care (Children)The Respite Care Unit at Edgewood Road provides respite nursing care for children aged five to 18 with chronic illness or disability.
Respiratory ServiceFor adults in Central and West Birmingham diagnosed with one or more condition that causes breathing difficulties.
Research and InnovationThe research and innovation team is involved in a wide range of projects that can or will benefit patient care and outcomes.
RehabilitationIncludes West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre and inpatient units at Moseley Hall and West Heath hospitals.
Rapid Response ServiceThis service is now provided through the Early Intervention Community Team 
Psychology ServiceThe service provides psychological assessment and intervention services to individuals with a range of psychological difficulties, alongside providing support and advice for their families, carers and other professionals.
Prosthetics/ Amputee ServiceA dedicated service for the people who have undergone an upper or lower limb amputation arising from trauma, disease or congenital problems.
Prison Health Service (HMP Birmingham)Working in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, this service provides all primary healthcare services for prisoners at HMP Birmingham.
Posture and Mobility ServicesA collection of services whose primary function is to work in conjunction with local wheelchair services, rehabilitation units and regional specialist services.
PodiatryProvides assessment, diagnosis, advice, treatment and referral for a wide range of foot conditions in health centres, community hospitals and in housebound patients' homes.
PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy services are provided in various settings for a range of clinical needs. Click the 'physiotherapy' link on the left and then choose the service most appropriate to your need.
Parkinson's Specialist Nursing ServiceThe Parkinson’s nurses offer support and education for those affected by Parkinson's disease and Parkinson’s syndromes (MSA and PSP) The nurse liaises with community and hospital services to ensure continuity of care and offer help in aspects of living with Parkinson’s...
Palliative Care - for children, young people, and young adultsThe service work together with: GPs, paediatricians, hospitals, health visitors, school nurses, social workers and voluntary agencies to enable children to be cared for at home.
Palliative Care - for adultsThe service aims to give choice and dignity to patients in the final stages of life, providing care that enables individuals to die in an environment that is supportive to them and their carers.
Pain ManagementPain management service
Paediatric Short Break Training ServiceThe aim of our service is to enable children and young people with additional healthcare needs access to a wider range of respite and short break services through the training of care staff.
Paediatric Physiotherapy ServicesOffers treatment, by physical means, of conditions that affect or compromise normal childhood development.
Paediatric Occupational TherapyThis service works in partnership with other professionals to help children maximise their ability to live more independent lives.
Paediatric Eye ServicesService providing eye tests for reception year children in primary schools, special schools and child development centres.
Paediatric DieteticsThe Paediatric team are Registered Dietitians and Assistants who provide dietary advice to children with nutritional problems and their families across Birmingham.
Orthopaedic TriageCommunity-based orthopaeadic triage service for the management of musculoskeletal conditions giving rise to spinal, knee and shoulder symptoms.
NutritionBirmingham Community Nutrition provides nutrition services for children and adults across the city.
Non-Traumatic Spinal injuries Specialist ClinicProvides assessment and advice and onward referrals as necessary to assist service users in managing their condition.
Neuro-Muscular Specialist ClinicAssesses the needs of people with neuromuscular conditions to help maintain independence or adapt to changes affecting social and domestic life.
Musculoskeletal physiotherapyFor patients aged 16 years and over, the?musculoskeletal physiotherapy service offers patients across Birmingham a wide range of expert assessment and treatment options such as electrotherapy, manual therapy, exercise prescription, classes such as Pilates and acupuncture as well as...
Multiple Sclerosis ClinicProvides assessment and advice to increase independence and quality of life of adults with multiple sclerosis.
Moor Green Outpatient Brain Injury ServiceMoor Green Outpatient Brain Injury Service provides rehabilitation on a daily basis (Mon to Fri) to adults with an acquired brain injury.
Lymphoedema ServiceOffering treatment and support for patients diagnosed with lymphoedema - a swelling of body tissue caused by failure of lymph drainage.
Learning Disability Service Offers a range of services for people with learning disabilities across the city, including social care homes, assessment and treatment services, day and short break services.
Intrathecal Baclofen Specialist ClinicOffers assessment and management of severe and widespread Spasticity for patients with various neurological disorders.