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A-Z of services

Brain Injury Specialist Clinic (BISC)Provides assessment and advice for adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI) including strokes and traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Brain injury - Moor Green Outpatient ClinicMoor Green Outpatient Brain Injury Service provides rehabilitation on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) to adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI).
Bladder and Bowel Service (Continence)Runs community bladder and bowel clinics and also provides support, advice and assessment of individual needs.
Birmingham Neurological Rehabilitation TeamProvides a short-term community based rehabilitation programme for adults with neurological problems, working towards community re-integration (e.g. accessing leisure/ education facilities).
Birmingham Community NutritionThe Birmingham Community Nutrition provides a range of free services including adult and child weight management clinics, nutrition support and enteral feeding, healthy eating promotion, specialist diabetes, family support, school and early years sessions.
BCHC Plus BCHC Plus is a portfolio of additional clinical services from BCHC that can be purchased by schools and other settings to supplement core service provision. Part of the children and families division.