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Cardiac Services

”Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is a condition that affects your Heart and it is estimated that about two million people in the UK are living with coronary heart disease”.

Coronary care

The CHD Services available across Birmingham includes: 

  • A Community Heart Failure Specialist service and
  • A Community Cardiac Rehabilitation service

Referrals and access into the service will depend on the area across Birmingham in which you live and is for patients aged 18 years and above. Please note – the team do not cover South Birmingham.

The Community Heart Failure Specialist Team (CHFST)

Who is it for? 

  • The CHFST is offered to patients that have had a confirmed diagnosis of Heart Failure
  • Patients that are registered with a Birmingham GP based in North, East, Central and West locality areas will be accepted. 


  • Referrals for the CHFST will be accepted for patients that have a Cardiologist Management plan in place and the patient has had a confirmed diagnosis of heart failure following echo.

Who delivers it?

  • The CHFST is delivered by a team of Heart Failure Specialist Nurses based within the community.

  • Home visits can be arranged for those patients that are totally immobile and are unable to attend one of the 16 Community Heart Failure Specialist Clinics.

  • The CHFST work very closely with secondary care colleagues and have good access to the lead Cardiologists. 

The Community Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

Who is it for? 

  • The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is for patients that have been discharged from secondary care following undergoing a heart event e.g. CABG, Valve Surgery, PCI or ACS.


  • The CCRT will offer an individualised exercise program that will be tailored to suit the individual needs of each patient. 


Patients that are registered with a Birmingham GP  based in either North, East, Central and West Birmingham will be accepted.


  • Referrals are only accepted from secondary care for patients requiring cardiac rehabilitation following recovery from CABG, valve surgery, PCI or ACS.

  • The team is well supported by three secretarial and administrative staff who have vast of cardiac medical terminology.  

  • The Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Program consists of phase 2 – a phone call followed by a home visit and phases 3 and 4 – a rehabilitation program offered to patients that is based within a Leisure Centre close to where they live.

Who delivers it?

  • The Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Programmes are delivered by Community Cardiac Specialist Nurses and Specialist Fitness Instructors.


Both teams are well supported by three secretarial and administrative staff that have excellent knowledge of cardiac medical terminology.  


Cardiac Services
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The Phone Number: 
0121 466 2170

The FAX Number:
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