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What are the signs and symptoms of lymphoedema?

Signs and symptoms vary from person to person and develop at different rates. People with lymphoedema may describe any of the following:
  • Shoes / clothes/ jewellery becoming tight

  • Feeling of tightness, skin stretching and heaviness in the affected area

  • Swelling that does not go away after sleeping in bed overnight

  • Spontaneous skin blisters leaking clear fluid

  • Skin infections

  • Constant / intermittent dull ache / pain

  • Fungal infections

  • Skin becomes very dry

  • Reduced movements of the joints

  • Fatigue often sets in


Lymphoedema is not a widely recognised condition and can be difficult to diagnose if it’s not particularly related to cancer treatment. The assessing practitioner should take a detailed medical history, noting the symptoms the person reports and take note of the physical signs present.

All people suffering with lymphoedema should have access to a lymphoedema specialist for management of their condition.