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Paediatric Team


The Paediatric team comprise of Registered Dietitians and a Nutrition Nurse who provide dietary advice to children across Birmingham with nutritional problems. Paediatric dietitians are specially trained to provide specialist nutritional care and promote healthy eating to infants, children, adolescents and their families. Dietitians interpret the complexities of disease management into practical and understandable dietary treatment for children, families and carers to follow on a day to day basis. This includes children struggling to gain weight, managing food allergies, severely restricted diets and those who require home enteral feeding (tube feeding) managed in the community.

The Children's Nutrition Nurse closely supports all children's nurses, Dietitians and carers in order to prevent and treat tube-related complications.

The Paediatric team work closely with other multidisciplinary services including Paediatricians, Community Children’s Nurses, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists and other professionals who may be involved in the child's care. The team also work closely with local hospital Dietitians to share information if the child is admitted to hospital.

Referring to the paediatric team

To make a referral to the team please see the referral criteria and forms here.

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Paediatric team appointments

Appointments with a Paediatric dietitian or dietetic assistant practitioner are available to families in a number of settings across Birmingham, all our clinics are fully accessible:

  • General clinics held in health centers and child development centers. We aim to offer an appointment at the closest location to the family home, however where an urgent appointment is required this may be offered at another location. 
  • Special school clinics are held at a number of special schools and appointments are available for children attending that school. 
  • Home visits are offered to families who find attending a clinic location difficult or when additional time is required. 
  • Specialist workshops are available for infants with cow's milk protein allergies and children with sensory feeding difficulties.


Appointments are 20-30 minutes in duration during which time the family/carer  will agree a treatment plan with the Dietitian, including specific goals. A follow up appointment may then be offered to support the family/carer.  A letter summarising the first and last consultation and any changes made to the child's treatment will be sent to the referrer. 

The majority of clinic appointments are attended however if you cannot make your appointment  please do let us know on:
  0121 683 2300.
 This is so that the appointment can be offered to those waiting to see a Dietitian. Please note if an appointment is missed without notifying us first, the child may be discharged.

Links and resources

Please use this link to access our Paediatric information leaflets here.