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How to get to Birmingham Dental Hospital

If you are arriving by car / taxi

You can access the hospital by car by either entering from the Bristol Road side of the hospital to enter Mill Pool Way or via Pershore Road and on to Pebble Mill Road to turn left in to Mill Pool Way.

 If you are using a Sat Nav, the postcode you will require is 

B5 7SA.

The designated patient drop-off point is located at the car park entrance of the hospital. This entrance is located at the bottom of the slope when entering the car park.

The hospital has limited paid patient parking spaces available on-site, including disabled spaces. Please see our parking information and charges by clicking on to the following leaflet: Birmingham Dental Hospital parking information and charges

If you are unable to find parking on-site, parking is also available on local residential roads or at the nearby Birmingham Wildlife Conversation Park / Cannon Hill car park which can be accessed via Pershore Road and Russell Road. 

Please note that car-parking charges will recommence at Birmingham Dental Hospital on the 1 July 2021.

Blue badge holders who are attending an appointment at Birmingham Dental Hospital are able to obtain free parking for the duration of their visit. Please present your blue badge and appointment letter or text message to our reception team based on the ground floor of the hospital. The team will provide you with an exemption voucher which must be presented at the pay machine located in the foyer.

Any patient who attends three or more appointments at the Hospital during a 30 day period is eligible for free parking for their third and subsequent visits, during this time. Please provide copies of your appointment letters or text message reminders to our reception team on the ground floor on your third and any subsequent visits during the 30 days. 

Please note, any requests for parking exemptions must be made on the day of your appointment before exiting the car park. Any requests made retrospectively cannot be processed. Failure to pay or present an exemption voucher at the pay machine may result in a car parking fine being issued by APCOA Parking (UK) Limited.

Clean Air Zone

As of the 1 st June 2021 Birmingham City Centre is now a designated Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in an attempt to reduce air pollution in the region. This means Birmingham City Council are now imposing a clean air charge of per day for vehicles not meeting outlined satisfactory emission levels. The fee is per day for entering the zone regardless of how many times you enter in that same 24 hour period and the scheme is active 365 days a year.

Most individual’s cars (around 80%) have low emissions and therefore will not be asked to pay the charge, however the drivers of older and less eco-friendly vehicles which do not meet the standards will be required to pay the fee of £8.

Please be advised that Blue Badge holders are not exempt from the CAZ charge and if you enter the zone in a non-compliant vehicle, you will have to pay the charge. However, vehicles registered with 'disabled passenger vehicle - tax class 85’ will not have to pay. Please find more information regarding the eligibility criteria for the disabled vehicle tax exemption at:

Visitors to Birmingham Dental Hospital and Dental Community Clinics

Dependent on how you travel to your appointment or the route you take to either the hospital or community site, you may be subject to these charges. We must also make you aware that some of our community clinics fall directly within the CAZ zone.

We therefore encourage all patients to check if this is the case and whether you are travelling in a compliant or non-compliant vehicle before starting your journey. 

For more information about the Clean Air Zone and to check if your car is compliant, please visit the dedicated government websites as follows:   

IMPORTANT: If you are travelling to the Birmingham Dental Hospital and community clinics around Birmingham and choose to travel through Birmingham using the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) we recommend patients pay the congestion fee following their visit. Please see the terms and conditions of the CAZ ( -  refunds cannot be obtained for non-use.

At times we may have to reschedule patient appointments, therefore we ask that patients do not pre-pay their CAZ fee online prior to their journey and instead pay following their appointment.

In the event patients do purchase pre-payment of the CAZ fee and an appointment is cancelled, the Trust are not liable to process a reimbursement for this cost. 

If you are arriving by bicycle

Please select the following link to see how to access Birmingham Dental Hospital using local cycle routes: How to get here by bicycle 

If you are arriving by bus 

Please select the following link to see how to access Birmingham Dental Hospital using local bus routes: How to get here by bus

Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry
5 Mill Pool Way, Edgbaston,
Birmingham B5 7EG
(Sat Nav Postcode: B5 7SA)

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You are entitled to claim for travel costs for NHS appointments or treatment if you receive any of the following benefits:

•       Income Support

•       Guaranteed Pension Credit

•       Tax Credits with an exemption certificate

•       Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

•       Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

•       Low Income Scheme HC2 or HC3 certificates

•       Universal Credit and meet the criteria

Travel costs for visiting other people in hospital cannot be paid.

How to claim

Payment cannot be made without the relevant documentation:

•       proof of appointment

•       a completed HC5 form

•       bus, train or car park tickets

Patients travelling on public transport will be reimbursed for the cheapest form of public transport (including any promotional or concessionary fares). Patients travelling by private car may claim mileage allowance and car parking charges or equivalent public transport costs (whichever is lower).

Taxi fares cannot be paid unless there is no other way you can travel for all or part of the journey or if your consultant agrees in writing that you cannot travel by public transport because of your medical condition.

If your consultant considers it a medical necessity for an escort to accompany you, the escort’s travel costs will be paid on the basis of your eligibility and not that of the escort. A letter from your consultant or GP will be required.

If you have any queries please contact the General Management Administration Team on 0121 466 5338.