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How to make a referral

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 ADHD itself can cause behaviour ranging from children and young people who are simply forgetful, disorganised and unable to concentrate, through to children who are very hyperactive, disruptive and oppositional. It is usually more noticeable in settings such as a school and is a common cause of behaviour which parents/carers and teachers may find challenging or concerning. 

If making a referral the child/young person should display more than one symptom that is suggestive of ADHD such as detailed above (our ADHD summary can help with this, click here to download).

We accept referrals from education and healthcare professionals as well as other agencies or professionals who may already be working with the child and family.

Criteria for referral to our service also includes:

  • Children/young people aged between five and 16 years of age
  • Children/young people registered with a GP within the locality of Birmingham
  • Children/young people who are not already under care of a service for ADHD in Birmingham 

Please be aware

It is very important to us that confidentiality and consent are respected at all times. Please ensure that consent is obtained from the child’s parent/carer prior to its submission – you can state that consent has been obtained on the form.

*We do not accept referrals directly from parents/carers. Please approach your GP, school or other professional for help if you feel your child is showing symptoms suggestive of ADHD*

If you are waiting for a new or a follow up appointment and you are concerned about your child’s health please contact your GP, call 111 or 999 if an emergency.


Click here to download the PDF version of the Children and Families referral form for all services.

Additional to the referral form, you can also complete the following, to help avoid delays in the assessment process:

(please click the words to download and submit the documents with the referral form).

1. The school report

2. The Vanderbilt teacher’s rating scale  

3. The Vanderbilt parent/carer rating scale

If you are a GP, or otherwise work with the child and family outside of school, if possible please ask the child’s parent/carer to fill out the parent Vanderbilt rating scale and submit along with the referral form.