Better Care

Parents and Carers

Here are some leaflets giving advice on working with your baby or child:

Before words:          
Communicate with bubbles 
Objects of reference
Object and Sensory Cueing
Eye Contact

Attention and Listening 
Listening through games

Babble and First Words 
Encouraging first words 
Talking and play
Understand and use one word
Understand and use two words
Learning new words

Taking Part
Key tips for playing with your child
Turn taking
Why do we communicate?
Developing play skills

Talk To Your Baby 

Talk To Your Baby is a campaign run by the National Literacy Trust to encourage parents and carers to talk more to children from birth to three. 

Raising your child bilingually

Click here for Myth Vs. Fact on bilingualism 
Click here for a leaflet on raising your child bilingually

For further information on key milestones please visit the following documents (click to download/view):           

0 - 5 year olds 
5 - 11 year olds 
11- 18 year olds
Communication pyramid
Ideas to develop early Language