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SLT videos

The videos below were designed with the purpose of communicating general information about speech, language, and communication needs to families as well as providing strategies to help your child’s communication development.

These videos also contain information about our usual therapy processes. As we are not running a full service due to the restrictions placed upon us by the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the information about therapy will not reflect what we are currently able to offer.

We hope that you still find the information provided in these videos useful but we recognise that you may still have questions about your child’s speech, language, or communication needs.

We have therefore set up an advice line which you can call for further information and support:

0121 466 6231

There is also a lot of information available online regarding speech, language, and communication. Please refer to our 'Useful Websites' page for more information.

Getting Started With Communication

Language Needs in the Early Years

Language Needs at School Age

Speech Sound Difficulty

Children Who Stammer

Supporting Young People and Children with Down Syndrome

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