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Child Health Information System (CHIS)     Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does this mean to YOU?

If you are responsible for a child aged 0-19 years (or 0-25 years old for children and young people with a disability) in the West Midlands, this information is to notify you that from 1st April 2016, the responsibility for providing the Child Health Information System (CHIS) will transfer to Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust.  CHIS ensures children receive appointments at the correct age for Childhood Immunisations, Healthy Child Screening and other National Screening programmes.

2.When does this new service start?

From 1st April 2016

3.Do you need to do anything for these changes to take place?

No, there is absolutely nothing you need to do, unless you have any objections to Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust becoming the NHS body that takes ownership of, and manages your child's records that are maintained in the CHIS.

4.Will I have to pay for this new service?

No, there is no cost to you.

5.Who will be providing this service?

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust (BCHC) 

6.Who are BCHC?

BCHC provide accessible and responsive community and specialist healthcare services to the city of Birmingham and to the wider West Midlands region. The Trust is one of the largest community healthcare providers in the country.

Key services include community nursing and therapies, school nursing, health visiting, specialist services for people with learning disabilities, specialist dental and rehabilitation services.

Please see our website to give fuller details of organisation:

7.Who are System C?

System C is the UK’s leading health and social care software supplier. Its products include the CarePlus software, Medway electronic patient record.

With over 140 locations across the UK, the company is uniquely placed to help deliver integrated health and social care services.  

8.What is the System C ‘CarePlus’ Software?

CarePlus is already used for 70% of children in the West Midlands and records key information such as immunisations and vaccinations to 19 years, and allows clinicians and administrators to track children through their preschool and school years as well as supporting specialist groups.  The system also integrates with numerous other solutions allowing, for examples, links with maternity to register new births, electronic transfer of bloodspot results and data files from education departments to update children’s school details.  The system also assists health care practitioners to meet directorates from the Department of Health – for example new immunisation programmes. 

9.How will BCHC guarantee that my child’s data will be securely stored?

BCHC is part of the NHS and is therefore subject to very stringent Data Quality Frameworks and operates within the Data Protection Act. Additionally there is a dedicated person within each NHS Organisation known as the Caldicott Guardian who is responsible for ensuring all data held is in accordance with Data Protection and other statutory requirements.

10.What if I don’t want my child’s information transferred?

If you have any objections to Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust becoming the NHS body that takes ownership of and manages your child's records and you would like to discuss this further, please contact the relevant organisation listed in the contact section, for the area of where you reside before 1st April 2016.

The CHIS is a statutory service and children are added to the CHIS from birth.  We, the NHS, have a duty to look after the child’s health and well-being.  If we need to keep a piece of information in order to protect the wellbeing of a child we are entitled to do that.  An immunisation record is a good example of a piece of information that is required by the NHS.  We also have a duty to provide information to safeguarding authorities.