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Children in Care

We can be contacted on:

DUTY NURSE – 0121 4663648 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

This information sheet from Birmingham Community Health Care Foundation Trust (BCHC) sets out our advice and the action we are taking to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. Covid-19 Information Leaflet

Who is the service for 

The service is for all children who are in the care of Birmingham Local Authority. The service will also see children placed in Birmingham from other authorities. Referrals are received from social workers within Birmingham and nursing teams from other authorities. 

Who provides it

The term 'child in care' refers to any child in the care of the local authority. This can mean being placed in a children’s home, foster placement, receiving respite care or on a full care order but living at home. 

There are currently around 2,000 children in care in Birmingham. These children are some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society. It is not unusual for some of the children to have experienced many placement changes, therefore making it difficult for them to forge relationships. 

Due to the frequent moves they are also more likely to have missed school or even been excluded. This often means they have missed out on routine health screening and immunisations that other children benefit from. 

They also lose the chance of gaining valuable social skills by being able to make and keep friends. Important health promotion issues, for example, sexual health, pregnancy, drugs etc are often missed or misunderstood.

Contact Us

Children in Care 
St Stephens Centre
171 Nineveh Road
B21 0SY

Tel: 0121 466 3640 

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The Children in Care team comprises 23 nurses, including one clinical lead, 2 nursing assistants and 7 admin staff, some of whom work part time hours.

We are based at the St Stephens Centre, 171 Nineveh Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B210SY

The nursing team undertake review health assessments. 

We will provide a health plan, address any identified health issues and signpost to other services as required. We will give missing immunisations, carry out health promotion and screen for potential emotional well being concerns. 

The nurses attend strategic and operational multi agency meetings city wide.

The nursing assistants assist at clinic and work alongside the nurses to provide health promotion and support in a wide range of settings.

The administrative team are responsible for all the referrals coming into and going out of the team. They provide administrative support to the nursing team as well as answering queries from many sources.

The team generally works from 8am til' 5pm but the nurses offer flexible appointments outside of these hours at times.

For all appointments it is important that you bring the dates of the young persons latest dental and optician visit, also the red book if you have it.

Referral/booking process

Referrals to the service are from social workers within Birmingham local authority and other authorities from around the country.

New into care 

Social workers are to complete the relevant BAAF form and send the form to The social worker must ring central booking to make the appointment on 0121 683 2320.

Review health assessments

Are completed by the nursing team unless the plan is for adoption - please send requests to centralbookinglacnurses@nhs.netThe nursing team will liaise with the young person/carer/support worker to arrange a convenient time to visit, we also offer appointments at St Stephens Centre. 

Plan for adoption

When you are aware there is a plan for adoption you must email the adoption team to arrange the medical. This department will advise you if you need to book a child in care medical or an adoption medical.  Children in care do not need to have a child in care medical and an adoption medical they only need one.

Sexual Health Support

•Offer 1:1 contraception and relationship advice

•Offer Chlamydia testing

•Demonstrate and offer condoms

•Look out for sexual exploitation/FGM

•Act as an advocate for the young person

•Signpost to Umbrella services

•Escalate safeguarding concerns