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Breast or Formula?

Here is a short guide to help you to explore the facts about breastfeeding and infant formula to support you to make an informed choice:

What is in the milk?

Breast milk is uniquely made for your baby. It contains water, fat, protein, carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. It changes from feed to feed to meet your baby’s needs, with a unique combination of hormones, enzymes, growth factors, essential fatty acids, immunological and protective factors. Further information can be found here

Infant Formula Milk  is made from processed cow’s milk. Formula is processed to make it suitable for a human baby, and may also contain soya protein, structured vegetable oils, antioxidants and fish oils. There are several brands of infant formula but there is no evidence that one brand of infant formula is better for your baby than another. Unless your midwife, health visitor or doctor suggests otherwise, the best type of infant formula is a whey based ‘first milk’. Always read formula milk labels carefully. Further Information can be found on the First Steps Nutrition website.