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What may happen after the initial assessment?

A report will be written after the assessment with activity advice specific to the child’s difficulties.  The child may then be discharged or, If appropriate, they maybe referred to another service.

In other instances, children will be offered an episode of care following their assessment.  A report will be written detailing the issues identified during the assessment with a care plan which details the aims of treatment and how it will be achieved.  There is an expectation that this treatment will be supported by either parents or school practising the activities with the child, little and often. It is essential that any activity advice given is incorporated into everyday home and school life for maximum benefit. Any skill needs to be practiced in order to improve. Following the treatment sessions, a review will be undertaken to identify whether goals have been met. The child will be discharged from Occupational Therapy when their therapy goals have been met.

How long will my child have to wait for an initial assessment?

We work hard to keep our waiting times as low as possible. When a referral is accepted we will offer an initial assessment/treatment within 18 weeks.

How long will my child have to wait to start their treatment?

Not all children who are assessed will require treatment, sometimes the advice we give is deemed sufficient to help the child develop. If the child did require active treatment this would be started within 18 weeks of the referral being accepted.

Do you provide sensory integration therapy?

Unfortunately our service is not commissioned to provide Sensory Integration Therapy. However, some of our therapists have had postgraduate training with the Sensory Integration Network ( and the University of Ulster and therefore can use Sensory Integration theory to assess and treat if appropriate.

If a child has been seen by an OT in the past and now there are  new concerns; how do I re-refer to the service?

Please see section – “how to refer to the paediatric occupational therapy service”.

I need to cancel an appointment, who do I contact?

Please contact our admin office on:  0121 465 8551

If I want to speak to someone regarding a referral I have made, who do I contact?

In the first instance please contact the office – see section “contact details” and we will be able to direct you to the right person

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