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What is Occupational Therapy for children?

Who are Occupational Therapists (OTs)?  

Children’s Occupational Therapists, will work with you, and your family, school, or nursery, to help you join in and be independent in daily activities.  We may help you with getting dressed, washing, feeding, and toileting. We may also help you if school activities such as using a pencil, or scissors are what you find hard. Sometimes children may have difficulties with concentration and play/hobbies which OTs can also help you with.

Who do OTs work with? 

OTs work with children and young people aged 0-19 years of age. An OT will help if you find it difficult to carry out some everyday activities.

How can we help? 

After an OT has spoken to you and your family about the things you find difficult they will go back to their office and write this down on a report. They will then make suggestions about what activities you need to practise to help you find the difficult tasks a little bit easier. Sometimes the OT will help you to carry this out; otherwise your OT will ask you to practise at home and at school. OTs will show your school teachers or your parents how to carry out the activities with you. It is important that you practise for a few minutes each day.


Will the assessment or activities hurt me?

No the occupational therapist would never do anything that will hurt you. They will tell you everything that is going to happen.

What if I don’t want to carry out the activities?

The occupational therapist will talk to you about why you don’t want to do the activities. It maybe that you find them difficult, and the OT can help by making them easier. It maybe that you are having a bad day, but will continue next time. The OT will always respect your choice to not do the activities but you must remember that you need to practise in order to make tasks easier.

Will you tell my friends at school what I can’t do?

Occupational Therapists would never talk to your friends or anyone else  about your treatment without asking you and your family.

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