Better Care

Parent Workshops

The workshop will be an interactive presentation, delivered by two members of the Occupational Therapy team, covering general advice and practical strategies.

Workshops are divided into three streams of identified needs:

  • Sensory Processing
This workshop provides an overview of each sensory system in the body giving an understanding to the signs and symptoms of sensory processing difficulties. Specific advice and strategies will be given to support your child with daily living tasks such as feeding and tooth-brushing.
Children's OT sensory workshop
  • Developing Independence
This workshop is aimed at providing practical advice and strategies for children that are presenting with a delay in their development which may be for a variety of reasons. Practical ways to support your child in learning and developing their skills will be discussed with the opportunity to consider individual goals for your child.

  • Movement Matters
This workshop focuses on providing advice and strategies for children that have been referred due to difficulties with motor skills such as difficulty with fastening buttons, using cutlery, handwriting and general co-ordination. You will have the opportunity to consider goals for your child within this area and learn new ways to support them in developing their motor skills.

Please note that workshops are for parents/carers only, so if you are invited to book onto one of the above sessions, please do not bring your child with you.