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Problem-solving pre-referral pack

children's OT - problem-solving pre-referral pack

This resource is designed to provide support and advice for problems a child may be facing with functional participation in their everyday tasks. The resource should be used as a pre-referral problem solving tool to ensure that all strategies have been tried before a referral to Occupational Therapy is made.

This pack is intended as a guide only, and the Occupational Therapy service should always be consulted if;

  • The need appears more complex than the solutions offered or when all solutions offered are trailed and improvement is not seen
  • The child has a neurological condition which may impact upon the appropriateness of strategies given
  • The child has a degenerative condition and their needs are changing rapidly
  • There are safety concerns related to the activity or strategies provided.
By providing advice and strategies at a universal level, a more specialised and targeted service can be provided for children who are presenting with complex difficulties.

Click here to download the problem-solving resource pack.