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Referral Criteria

  • Children and young people aged 0-18 years (or 19 years in full time education in special schools) with a Birmingham GP
  • Children and young people with a functional difficulty, significantly impacting their participation in self care, education, play, leisure, and/ or work.  These difficulties will impact performance in more than one setting.  (evidence in referral information)

For children who have been re referred there must be evidence of a new problem or a change in the previous identified functional problem.

What happens after a referral has been made?

Referrals will be sent to our central booking service.  Following triage a letter will be sent to the referrer and parent/carer informing them that the referral has been received and accepted. Once the child reaches the top of the waiting list, Parents/carers will receive a letter asking them to contact the central booking service to make an appointment to see the occupational therapist. The first initial appointment arranged is usually held in a clinic.  On some occasions it may be considered appropriate by the occupational therapy team to be arranged in the child’s school, nursery or at home. This would be discussed and arranged with the family/carers.

After the appointment we will communicate with referrers/ professionals who work with the child. We will always seek consent from families/carers to do this.

The decision whether to offer further support from Occupational Therapy is based on the outcome of assessment, the impact of the difficulty on the child's life and the likelihood of affecting change at this time.

The Occupational Therapist can offer individual therapy sessions, some equipment to use at home, written advice, splints or individual treatment programmes for parents/carers and education staff to undertake.

There is an expectation that if children are prescribed activities by the Occupational Therapist, then parents/carers and education staff should practice them with the children little and often.  

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