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Why would a referral be made?  

Children referred to this service will be experiencing functional difficulties which are more than expected for a child of their age.

If you notice any combination of the difficulties mentioned below,a referral to occupational therapy may be appropriate.

Gross motor skills:

  • Difficulty with hopping, jumping, skipping, running, throwing/catching a ball
  • Difficulty learning a new activity involving motor sequences e.g. football
  • Low/increased tone affecting function
  • Co-ordination difficulties
  • Poor balance
  • Poor posture


Fine motor Skills

Child has difficulty with:

  • Using pencils
  • Using scissors
  • Manipulating small objects,
  • Reaching and placing objects


Sensory processing

  • Sensitive to noise and light
  • Constantly touching or mouthing objects/textures
  • Avoids water/sand/messy play
  • Fidgets frequently, seeks movement – always on the go, jumps from one activity to another
  • Under-responsive – not responding to you when you know they have heard
  • Over reacts to touch e.g. dislikes hugs, cannot stand in line
  • Movement: dislikes heights e.g. avoids slides, swings
  • Seem unaware of own body or body position in space
  • Bumps and crashes into people or objects


Visual Perception 

Child has difficulty with:

  • Completing puzzles/block designs appropriate to child’s age
  • Copying shapes, numbers, letter formations
  • Sorting objects according to shape, size and colour
  • Difficulty finding things e.g. objects in a cluttered drawer or desk
  • Letter/numbers e.g. Letter and number reversals
  • Discriminating similarities and differences
  • Copying from the whiteboard
  • Position concepts e.g. in front of, behind, over, under, in, out, left, right etc


Self-help skills

Child has difficulty with:

  • Dressing – sorting back from front, doing up fastenings e.g. zips, buttons,
  • Eating – messy eater, spills often, difficulty managing cutlery, drinking from a cup
  • Toileting –Managing clothes, wiping self, opening/closing taps to wash hands, washing body


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