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Intrathecal Baclofen Frequently Asked Questions

Will Intrathecal Baclofen (ITB) cure my spasticity?

No. Intrathecal baclofen manages the symptoms of severe spasticity only but cannot remove or cure the cause or underlying condition.

What happens in an emergency?

Once you are discharged home after implantation you will be given emergency contact and procedure information. It is important your carers or family are familiar with this as well. There is 24 hour cover in an emergency, please see the

emergency contact information you receive for further details.

Will the pump be noticeable?

Dependent on the size of the patient, the pump may or may not be noticeable as a small bulge in the lower abdomen. Previous patients do report that after some time they get used to it.

Will the pump move inside me?

The surgical technique used does allow some movement of the pump in the abdomen but this has not been a major concern to our implanted patients.

Will I be able to fly in an aeroplane?

Yes. You will however need to take information for airport security checking from us and we need to ensure you will have enough medication in the pump to last the trip. Also take your emergency contact/ procedure file with you in case you have any problems.

What will happen to my other medication?

Some of the oral medications that you may have been taking for management of spasticity will be reduced or stopped after implantation. The reduction regime will be advice at that time.

What happens if the pump runs out of baclofen?

It is unlikely that a pump reservoir will completely empty provided you attend your arranged appointments. The pump has an alarm that will activate at a low reservoir level.