Better Care

Training, R&D and Audit

Posture & Mobility Services are committed to a programme of continuous professional development, research, and audit.  Training events are usually open to everyone who has an interest in the area under discussion, so please contact us if you would like to know more. 

1.  CPD Events  

Local Training Events for Continuous Professional Development

Regular training events and sessions are arranged within the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre for our clinical and administration staff to attend, these include:

  • Medical device equipment manufacturer demonstrations - Regular equipment updates from our suppliers.

  • Case study presentations - To showcase good practice, or learn from difficult cases etc..     

  • Technical Service Meetings - Attended by Rehab Engineers, Trainees,  and Occupational Therapists.  

  • Reflective practice - Peer group support for reviewing our practices.       

  • Literature reviews - Reviewing available evidence to support and develop our practices.


National Training Events

Posture and Mobility Group National Conference:
Posture and Mobility Group (PMG) hold annual national conferences and some Special Interest Group (SIG) training days throughout the year. Members can also access videos of the conference seminars., see their website at:

2.  Research & Development

The West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre are committed to research and development through projects, literature reviews & clinical audits.  Projects so far have included:

      • E-motion Wheels - Power assisting wheels for users of self-propelled wheelchairs.

      • Stability Testing - Determining stability of a wheelchair for safe independent mobility.

      • Care Pathway Study Day - Developing a single assessment process for multi-disciplinary teams.

3.  Audit 

Clinical Audits are carried out internally to ensure local and national standards are being met and identify where there could be improvements to patient care. They allow quality improvement to take place where it is most needed in order to improve outcomes for service users. 

Clinical Audit 

Clinical audits are carried out to ensure clinical standards are maintained or improved.  Audits completed recently include:

  •  Goal planning - to ensure that goals are being set, patients are meeting those goals, and what is a reasonable goal for a patient.       

  • Manual handling - this trust-wide audit was to ensure that patients are handled appropriately by NHS staff whether at home, as an inpatient, or an outpatient.

  • Note writing audit - this divisional audit ensures patient notes are meeting national standards and the minimum data set is being recorded.


    For more information contact Posture & Mobility Services.