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The Continence service provide community continence clinics with support, advice, assessment and treatment, based on individual needs. Patients and service users are offered the choice of home, hospital or clinic venue depending on individual need for their appointment.

Conditions treated include; stress urinary incontinence (SUI); overactive bladder (OAB); mixed urinary symptoms, urinary retention, neuropathic bladder, enuresis, bowel dysfunction including incontinence and constipation.

Services provided at clinics:

  • holistic assessment for diagnosis, treatment and evaluation
  • bladder scanning
  • urowflometry
  • conservative treatments and interventions
  • physiotherapy and biofeedback
  • prescribed medication

Who is it for?

The service operates on an open referral basis. Patients are offered the choice of home, hospital or clinic for their appointment.

40 per cent of females wait up to eight years before seeking advice – don’t let that be you!

Are your bladder and bowel symptoms affecting your quality of life or making your job difficult?

Are you not incontinent but ‘leak a bit’?

Are you always aware of where the nearest toilets are? Do you have to rush to the toilet?

Our specialist teams can help you - ask your GP for a referral or contact our teams directly on the numbers below.

Who delivers it?

The service is delivered by specialist continence nurses, who deliver bladder and bowel clinics in community settings.

See below for information about clinics in your area.

Don’t suffer in silence, come talk about your symptoms and start with a positive way forward.

Referral Information

Click here to download the Adult Continence Service Referral Form

Click here to download the Residential Home Assessment Form

Continence Clinics

South Birmingham 

Monday - West Heath Hospital pm

Tuesday - All Saints Health Centre , all day

Wednesday - Moseley Hall Hospital am

Thursday - Woodgate Valley Health Centre am

                 Yardley Wood Health Centre pm.

Central and West Birmingham

Tuesday   Summerfield Primary Care Centre all day

                Greet Health Centre pm

Wednesday    Finch Road Primary Care Centre all day

Thursday     Soho Health Centre pm 


Bladder & Bowel Symptom Clinics (East and North)

Monday pm        New Partners in Health

Tuesday am        Church Lane Health Centre / Warren Farm Health Centre / Washwood Heath Well Being Centre

Tuesday pm        Stockland Green Health Centre

Wednesday pm   Leyhill Surgery

Thursday am       New Partners in Health

Friday am            Church Lane Health Centre.

Contact Us

Continence Service  
St. Stephens Centre
171, Nineveh Road
B21 0SY

Telephone: 0121 466 3700
Fax: 0121 466 3701