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Community Unit 27


Community Unit 27 offers a period of enhanced assessment to patients who are medically fit for discharge from an acute hospital bed but are currently unable to return to their place of residence due to a change in their health or social function. We offer multi disciplinary assessment to patients and families to support life changing decisions on their future place of residence or the support that they will need to return to their own home.

Who is it for?

Any adult aged 65 and above can access this service if they are registered with a Birmingham GP.

Who provides it?

Patients will be discussed daily with the multidisciplinary team and weekly with the Consultant. The Multi-disciplinary Team consist of Nursing and health care  staff, Senior Occupational Therapists, a Senior Physiotherapist, a therapy assistant practitioner, visiting GPs, 2 Senior Geriatric Consultants and 2 Social workers. Referral to specialist services can also be made to enhance assessment and ensure the right services are involved in the discharge pathway.

What happens at your appointment?

On admission we will give you a predicted date of discharge which we will work towards. This is an estimate and your journey may be shorter or a little longer than expected. We will aim to complete assessment and treatment within 2 weeks and have a picture of your discharge plan and destination. Any changes to your social situation will then be implemented by the MDT with your consent. Your family or carer may be asked to support in order to achieve a prompt discharge date.

Information for carers / family members:

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We welcome your feedback and senior staff are available for meetings and discussion. If you have any concerns or compliments please do not hesitate to let up know.


The referral process for community unit 27 is via the acute hospitals electronic referral system called transfer of care. This can be found on each patient’s electronic handover, the ward areas complete this electronically and the patient is then assessed for the service. Referrals can also be made from the front door of the acute hospital by either telephoning the unit or contacting the intermediate care liaison nurse Monday to Friday 8-4 based at good hope hospital.

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