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Perry Tree Centre


We are a bedded rehabilitation centre, with a multidisciplinary Team.

Who is it for?

Any adult aged 18 and above can access this service if they are registered with a Birmingham GP.

The following criteria needs to be met in order for an admission: 

1. A level of cognitive ability to be able to participate in rehab

2. Clear goals that are achievable within the time frame of 28 days

3. To have an identified discharge destination

4. Basic nursing care needs

5. Medically fit

6. No peg feeds / nasal gastric tubes

7. Not suitable for end of life care

Who provides it?

We are a multidisciplinary team which incorporates with Clinical Lead, RGN’s, Healthcare assistance, Occupational Health, Physiotherapy, G.P Service, Social Worker, Consultants from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Housekeepers, domestics, administrative.

What happens at your appointment?

Upon admission patient will be greeted by the nurse looking after them, who will complete an initial assessment followed by the multidisciplinary team. This may take over 24 – 48 hour period, this is when the goals will be identified.

For professionals:

Only referrals accepted must be through Rapid Response, Acute hospital, CMAU – Moseley Hall Hospital. (referral form can be accessed through Debra Davies Liaison Nurse or Rapid Response Team)

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Intermediate Care Rehabilitation Unit

Perry Tree Centre, Kingstanding

0121 675 5598