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Special Care Dentistry

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Special Care Dentistry is the field of dentistry which specialises in the management of dental care for adults with severe disability, medical or mental health conditions.

Our Service

We are a consultant led service providing specialist dental services on referral for adults 16 or over who have a severe disability, medical or mental health condition which results in:

  • severe difficulty communicating, giving consent and/or co-operating with treatment
  • significant risk of a medical emergency, bleeding or healing problems
  • an inability to bear their own weight for transfer to the dental chair without special equipment or are unable to leave the  home
  • severe and enduring mental health problems with unusual altered thought, extreme mood or behaviour which will restrict provision of care
  • dental phobia at the severe end of the spectrum such that it has prevented them from accessing dental care for many years

We provide dental services for people across the Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley and Walsall areas. Specialist facilities such as sedation, general anaesthetic, wheelchair recliner, equipment transfer and cognitive behavioural therapy are available at selected sites. Facilities for treatment in a hospital setting are available at Queen Elizabeth, Edgbaston, and Russell’s Hall Hospital, Dudley. Bariatric facilities are available at the Birmingham Dental Hospital where there is also a tertiary Special Care Dentistry service for people referred by Community Dental Services across the West Midlands.

Our Team

Consultants in Special Care Dentistry: Mr Nick Ransford and Dr Kenneth Wilson

Specialists in Special Care Dentistry: Drs Ken Fatosin, Martin Boote, Russell Lane, Rachel Douse, Rebecca Willis

Experienced Senior Dental Officers, Dental Officers, Specialty Trainees, Therapists and Dental Nurses holding additional qualifications of relevance to special care dentistry.


Referrals to this specialist service are usually via your general dental practitioner (high street dentist). We also accept referrals from allied health and social care professionals. 

Please use the form below to make referrals. 

Click here to download the referral form for Special Care Dentistry. Please note this new form covers both Dental Hospital, and Community SCD.

Click this link to download the referral information and guidance for Special Care Dentistry

Patients that need to make contact regarding an appointment that you have booked contact our Central Booking Team on 0121 466 7610.