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A portfolio of additional clinical services that schools can purchase when they find that specific health needs among their cohort cannot be completely met by locally-commissioned core services.

About BCHC Plus


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The link between educational attainment and positive health is well documented. However sometimes schools find that the incidence of health-related needs amongst their pupils requires more clinical support, in addition to that available from core services provided through local health commissioning.


Health commissioners provide a range of ‘core’ services supporting the public health needs of school age children. As one of the largest NHS providers of commissioned community health services in the country, our teams of clinical professionals possess a wealth of experience in meeting the health needs of children and young people of all abilities, gained over many years.


However schools sometimes find that the specific health needs in their school cannot be completely met by locally-commissioned core services alone.


BCHC Plus has been created to address this need and offers a portfolio of additional clinical services, provided by the trust and supplementing core services. It enables schools to purchase additional clinical time and access more of the skills and experience of the NHS staff and services they know and trust, focused on schools’ individual health needs and desired outcomes. 


BCHC Plus launched in 2014 as our Traded Services programme. Today some 150 schools and colleges have become customers, the majority selecting additional School Nursing or Speech & Language Therapy services, and the specialist training we provide.

In response to growing demand our portfolio of services continues to expand and more recently we have added Specialist Nursing and Physiotherapy services. 


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How does BCHC Plus work?

Most schools participating in the BCHC Plus programme receive regular scheduled visits throughout the school year from their named clinician.


The amount of time provided depends on the level of need and the budget available, and the services provided are aligned to an action plan agreed at the outset to achieve specific objectives and outcomes.


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Benefits of BCHC Plus for your school

As the NHS provider of locally commissioned community health services we understand and can provide the additional services schools want. 


Headteachers and SENCos tell us they most value the following features of BCHC Plus:

  • Dedicated support across relevant clinical disciplines, delivered in schools and other settings to address their specific health-related challenges
  • Regular scheduled time from a named clinical professional working with the school’s team
  • An agreed programme of clinical activities tailored to the school’s needs and targeting better outcomes for pupils and the school community
  • Working individually and in groups with pupils, teachers, and families
  • Accessible health education and promotion for pupils and parents
  • Focused support for individual pupils who don’t meet ‘core’ service thresholds
  • Supporting pupils to fulfil their academic potential
  • Staff training and curriculum support
  • Peace of mind regarding quality, professional registration, training and governance.


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BCHC Plus picture

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