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Latest Charity News

Moor Green Warriors Treadmill Triumph

The Moor Green Warriors raised almost £4,000 at a walking relay at Cannon Hill Park, funding a new treadmill for Moor Green Rehab Unit....

Dandelion Room Provides Comfort & Calm

Thanks to our generous donations and fundraising, BCHC Charity undertook a complete refurbishment of the bereavement room at Moseley Hall Hospital....

23 03_DNWinterBags001.jpg
Winter Support for Vulnerable Patients

BCHC Charity deliver a support bag scheme providing those in need with items to help keep them warm during wintertime....

Many Faces, One Purpose: Celebrating Team BCHC

To mark NHS75, BCHC Charity funded the ‘Many Faces, One Purpose’ project, celebrating the diversity of Team BCHC....

Arts Boon for Team BCHC

Find out about BCHC Charity's Arts & Culture in Health programme, designed to boost wellbeing for patients and staff across the Trust....

Seasonal Support for Team BCHC

BCHC Charity spreads some sparkle for patients, service users and BCHC staff....

Hygiene Bag Boost for Birmingham Homeless

Patients accessing the Dental Service for Homeless Adults in Birmingham have received a hygiene bag thanks to funding from BCHC Charity....

Tim’s triumphant challenge makes a difference on Ward 9!

See how star supporter Tim Hartill has made a difference for Ward 9....

It’s Child’s Play for BCHC Charity!

A therapeutic play area opened at the WMRC thanks to the generosity of donors who smashed a £10,000 charity appeal target....

Dementia-Friendly Dolls Provide Therapeutic Boost

A trial of dementia therapy dolls was funded by BCHC Charity, and the results have been fantastic....

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