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VIP Awards

Nominate staff, teams or volunteers for going above and beyond to provide outstanding service or care.

Values In Practice (VIP) Staff Awards

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Nominations for our Values in Practice (VIP) Awards will be reopening in summer 2024 so please check back here soon for more information.



About the VIP Awards

Our Values in Practice (VIP) Awards allow staff, patients and members of the public to nominate staff, teams or volunteers for going above and beyond to provide outstanding service or care for patients, their carers and family members.


The awards are based on our shared values of Caring, Open, Respectful, Responsible and Inclusive, with additional categories to acknowledge both clinical and non-clinical individuals and teams for outstanding work.


The VIP Awards are a great opportunity to recognise the great work delivered by BCHC colleagues and volunteers.


There are 18 categories in total in which you can nominate:


Our Values in Action


Our five values are at the heart of everything we do. By selecting one of these categories for a nomination, you should be looking to demonstrate how the individual or team has behaved in line with the value and the outcome for colleagues, patients or service users.  


  • Caring

  • Open

  • Responsible

  • Respectful

  • Inclusive


Recognising Outstanding Work


These categories aim to seek out and recognise outstanding work accoss clinical and non-clinical services in BCHC. 


The unsung hero categories recognise individuals who are the 'backbone' of BCHC, and yet rarely in the spotlight. They may be a great support to other colleagues, have done something amazing for a patient or their family but in a humble and quiet way - this is your chance to shine a light on their achievement! 


The leader of the year categories recognise individuals that inspire others through their leadership. Demonstrate what difference this leader has made to you and/or your team - citing positive outcomes for colleagues, patients or service users.


The team of the year categories recogise the power of great team work and collaboration. You will need to demonstrate how the team has worked together to improve outcomes for patients, service users or colleagues.


The improving2gether quality improvement award recogises quality improvement in any area of BCHC work. In your nomination, highlight what the issue was and the porcess you've been through to improve quality for patients, service users or colleagues.


  • Clinical Unsung Hero
  • Non-Clinical Unsung Hero

  • Clinical Leader of the Year

  • Non-Clinical Leader of the Year

  • Clinical Team of the Year

  • Non-Clinical Team of the Year

  • Improving 2Gether logo
    Quality Improvement


Divisional Awards


These awards recognise star quality within our clinical divisions and corporate directorates - it can be an individual or team.


  • Adult Community Services Superstar

  • Adult and Specialist Rehabiltation Superstar 

  • Children and Families Services Superstar

  • Dental Services Superstar

  • Learning Disablity Services Superstar

  • Corporate Superstar



Sponsor the 2024 VIP Awards

We are currently seeking new sponsors for our 2024 Values in Practice Awards.


Sponsorship is a great way in which the business community can show their support to the local NHS community, and in particular, our dedicated colleagues who have gone above and beyond over the last 12 months.


It is also an opportunity to introduce your business to our 4,500-strong workforce and develop new connections and partnerships that support both the local economy and our vision to provide the very best care and help build healthy communities.


For more information on the awards and our sponsorship packages download our sponsorship brochure:


ViP Sponsorship Brochure 2024


To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email the Communications Team.



Our 2023 Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful to all our 2023 sponsors for supporting and recognising the hard work, determination and commitment of BCHC colleagues to help patients and the wider community. Our sponsors are organisations that we have strong partnership relationship with throughout the entire year not just for this evening’s ceremony.


VIP Awards 2023 sponsors logos

Thank you all for your valued support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shortlisting process ?

Nominations are presented to a panel who select one winner and two finalists for each category.

The panel is made up of:

  • An executive director
  • A non-executive director
  • A staff side representative
  • Someone from our public membership


Everyone who is nominated, whether successfully shortlisted or not, will be contacted regarding the status of their nomination.

How do I make my nomination stand out?

  • Select a category which best represents the reason for your nomination. Our categories are based on our five values (Caring, Open, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive).
  • 'Sell' your nomination to our juding panel. Paint a picture of the nominated team or individual using real examples, evidence or comments from patients.
  • Keep it short and punchy!

How else can I nominate?

There are three ways to submit a nomination:

  • Via an easy-to-complete online form or click the button below.
  • By emailing and we will send a form to you (we can pop one in the post but encourage you to use email).
  • Or you can call 0121 466 7282 and we will send a form to you (award administrators can fill in a form on behalf of callers if needed).

Our patients and their carers and families are the reason we're here, so we want to hear your views about the Trust and our services.