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Rehabilitation Services

Community Stroke Service

Specialist, multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for people in their own home or community setting following a recent stroke.

About our service

We offer specialist, multi-disciplinary rehabilitation to people in their own home or community setting following a recent stroke.



Who is it for?

Our service is open to adults aged 16 and above who have a confirmed diagnosis of new stroke within the past six months. The diagnosis of a new stroke must have been made by a Consultant and/or a CT brain scan. All patients referred to the service must be willing and able to participate in rehabilitation, and registered with a GP in the east and north or central and west areas of Birmingham.



Who provides it?

Our team consists of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Rehabilitation Assistants. We will work on your rehabilitation goals, which may mean that you could see one or more members of the team. Where necessary, we are also able to make referrals to a clinical psychology service.


The Occupational Therapist will help you become as independent as possible in your everyday life, e.g. washing and dressing, making a hot meal or being able to go to the toilet.  The therapy may include: learning techniques; how to use equipment to manage physical problems; or exercises and activities to improve use of an affected arm.


If the stroke has affected your memory, concentration, decision making or mood, we would assess and identify ways to manage or improve the situation.


The Physiotherapist will help you to be as independent as you can be in moving around your home, e.g. getting from your bed to a chair or walking; going upstairs. We will help you with moving around outside your home if you are able to do this. We will also help you improve your balance and coordination and assist with the management of spasticity.


The Speech & Language Therapist can help to improve your communication with family, friends and outside the home, e.g. when shopping or using the telephone.


We use written work and exercises to work on:

  • Understanding conversation 
  • Reading 
  • Word-finding 
  • Speaking 
  • Writing 
  • We will also assess, advise and treat people who have swallowing difficulties.


The Rehabilitation Assistants can help you to regain your confidence to do the things you do everyday. We work with all the therapists carrying out treatment programmes under their supervision. We help you to do your therapy exercises and to become as independent as you can.


Patients are treated in their own homes, clinic settings or bedded community facilities. Our working hours are Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.



What happens at your appointment?

You will be contacted by someone from the team by telephone or letter offering you an initial appointment with one of the specialist therapists. This will be offered within 3 working days of us receiving your referral. You will be assessed by one of the specialists within the team and a planned programme of rehabilitation to enable you to be as independent as you can be will be offered.


The programme will be provided in your home or a clinic setting. Your therapists may suggest a plan to help with your rehabilitation and may give you certain exercises or tasks for you to carry out in-between sessions. It is important for you to follow the advice given in order to get maximum benefit from the programme.


When patients have reached their rehabilitation goals they are discharged from the service.



Information for carers / family members

If you feel a family member or somebody you are a carer for meets the criteria for our service, you will need to discuss this with their GP, consultant or any other healthcare professional involved in their care. They can then make the referral to us if they agree that this is appropriate.


If you are unsure who to contact to get help, please telephone us to discuss your situation.



For professionals

The service accepts referrals from any health professional via fax, telephone or letter.


Patients being referred to the service must meet the following entry criteria:

  • Patient over 16 years.
  • Diagnosis of a new stroke within the last six months following a clinical decision made by a consultant and / or CT scan result.
  • Registered with a BCHC GP.
  • Medically stable.
  • Compliant with rehabilitation programme.
  • Consents to rehabilitation.
  • Referred by a healthcare professional.
  • Unlikely to require rehabilitation beyond 6 months.

Ideally our Birmingham Community Stroke Team referral form should be completed and sent or faxed to us with all sections completed.

Our patients and their carers and families are the reason we're here, so we want to hear your views about the Trust and our services.