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Want to become an apprentice?

Save the date and come along to our Apprenticeship Open Day 10.30am on Saturday, 10 April at Birmingham Central Library, where you will be able to get a feel for our Trust, the apprenticeship roles available and what route is best for you.


Partnering with the Department of Work and Pensions, the day will consist of a variety of fun activities that can test attendees’ communication skills, team working, data inputting and functional skills. Managers of the apprenticeship roles available will also be in attendance on the day where they will be able to talk about what it is like to work for their team and what is involved in day-to-day duties, giving our potential apprentices a good idea of what is expected as a BCHC employee and how it can help them progress forward.


Louie Shipman, IMT admin apprenticeIMT Admin Apprentice, Louie Shipman attended one of our open days at Birmingham Library as he explains: “I was in a difficult spot, claiming Universal Credit and wanted to take any opportunity I could get my hands on. Most people join healthcare through passion, but for me joining the Trust’s apprenticeship programme was more an act of desperation. I needed to do something in life and after attending the hiring event, joining BCHC was something I could see myself doing, whilst granting me the stability and independence that I craved at the time with the bonus of having the ability to help others and make the world a better place.


“My apprenticeship has helped me immensely in terms of my mental wellbeing. Being on this programme has proven to me that my limits are self-imposed and that I can keep climbing and doing better. I have had lots of support from both my colleagues and tutors who have all helped build my potential and within the customer service cohort, we have an array of different people with diverse backgrounds. We can come together to discuss our experiences and opinions which helps us expand our horizons.


“Being able to learn on the job with my team has been a fantastic experience, this is mirrored within my cohort and while I am still on my apprenticeship journey, I have grown the confidence to continue and pursue a career within my field of work.


“Whether you are an experienced member of BCHC or brand new to the Trust, I would recommend completing an apprenticeship. The qualifications you will receive will help you in your future endeavours, it will expand your thinking and it is the perfect way to get your foot in the door to start off a potential career.”


To find out more about our open day or secure your place, please email bchc.apprenticeships@nhs.net 


Please note, for this cohort you will need to attend the open day to receive the vacancy link to your preferred role.

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